Homo Bulla

2016-4-30 1:09




微博上一片药丸景象。政治继续打破无耻之底线,或者他们从来没有底线。不只是大清,各国似乎都药丸。没有一个时代不是走在钢丝上的。每一年的世界都在teetering on the edge; to assume otherwise is more than unspeakably ignorant.

补了TDKR. 太多的元素和线索,我需要二刷。目前记忆深刻的包括:让我确定自己永远出不了坑的配乐、片尾多个角色不同视角的镜头连缀、宏大叙事、贝恩的演讲以及随之而来的all-against-all arena. 

I was wrong to ever suggest that humans are better than that. The crowd is always ready to build the next dystopia. They could pull off a cultural revolution years ago, and they--we--are still able to lay down our moral code and commit mass murder right now. The monster sleeps now and then, but it will probably live out the numbered days of humankind. Peace and sanity is but a brief lull. 

I am capable of all evil deeds that human can achieve; the devil resides in me, in each and every one of us, waiting for the right trigger. Possibly I should be apologetic about it, but what's the use? It's too late already. We are gaining on you.